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Current OTPs of all OTPs : Enjolras & Grantaire,

Much love for OT3 and death to love triangles. Far too interested in unhealthy codependent relationships of every sort.

Ao3 : RavenXavier

We can never know our past completely. If we had, I probably wouldn’t of spent so much time trying to kill you.

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I don’t care about anything else. 

I don’t care about the ships.

I don’t care about the kiss.

I don’t care about how weird it was to see Emma doing magic.

I don’t care about the long awaited Regina/Belle moment.

I don’t care about all the thousands of little things that made me love this episode and enjoy it more than I have ever had (I even had to pause it a couple of times to ‘collect myself’).

This scene right here is what puts this episode on the very first place in my list of favorite episodes. Even before 3x11, even before 3x13, before 2x18, 2x22, 3x09 NOTHING I have ever seen in this show was as powerful as this scene and now it’s been half an hour since I’ve watched it and I’m still crying because this fucking show did it, this fucking show showed me that it can be this good. it can be powerful and amazing just by having two people sitting down and talking to each other. This is the REAL potential of this show for fucks sake!!!! …and now I’m rambling so I’m gonna shut up but GOD. 

Lana, Ginny, everyone… you guys win it all. 

I don’t care if it’s spoilers, it’s tagged “ouat spoilers”, you know my blog is NOT spoiler free, don’t bother sending bitchy anons, I won’t reply. 

OUaT 3x18 thoughts


I didn’t think it was possible but all I want is more Snow and Regina scenes because those two have such a messed up past and yet they still love each other after everything. After 3 seasons of messing up Regina and writing her out of character, it’s about damn time we see her come to terms with her past and her mistakes and how she wants to be better and how she has feelings and how DAMN FUCKING SNOW WHITE KNOWS HER MORE THAN ANYBODY ELSE. So many things happened in this episode and words were finally spoken and it was great. Now keep this up and don’t fuck this up writers because you can’t afford to do that anymore.

TOO FAST, once upon a time, TOO FUCKING FAST 

(but snow and regina omfg)

(also where the hell was Henry this whole episode????)

(also Cora married her daughter to her ex-fiancé. Really, Cora? Really? And why the hell did Leopold accept after what had happened with Cora in the first place???)


I’m personally extending les mis fantasy week on my blog for at least the rest of the month join me


I always wonder about Musichetta and what she does after the barricades.

I think there was a story I read - I can’t remember how it’s called - where she grieves, and then begins a sort of revolutionary journal with another lady friend? Or something like that. I like to think she knew Bahorel’s mistress and that they comforted each other too. 

But yeah, losing both of them must have been so terrible. She wasn’t even married to Joly, she had no right to grieve “openly” (I think?). She’d need a way to cop . 

I’m always really really sad when I think of Musichetta post-barricades…


"I’m not opposed to punching you in the face again for old time’s sake, though."

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You know what? fuck it. It’s probably bad. I tried. It’s not betaed, It’s still probably going to end up on Ao3 because that’s the longest thing I managed to finish in months, and I was fucking happy when i realized that, two days ago. Hope you guys like it anyway. 

Fandom: Les misérables

Pairing:: Enjolras/Grantaire

Warning: Rule!63, d/s undertones, boot worship, vampire!R

summary:"I was wrong about you," she said in quiet amazement. "I thought - all this time, I was hiding who I was because I thought that surely you’d kill me the second you discovered - sorcerers hate vampires. You and your friends are always talking about equality between all, but never once have you talked of my kind in your Future. But you didn’t try to harm me. You tested my loyalty."

"No," Enjolras said. "I’ve never doubted your loyalty."

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will graham tries to solve the mystery of who’s been smoking all the Weed with the help of Harijuana Lecter