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Current OTPs of all OTPs : Enjolras & Grantaire,

Much love for OT3 and death to love triangles. Far too interested in unhealthy codependent relationships of every sort.

Ao3 : RavenXavier

  • Javert: They used to tie you up-
  • Valjean: It's a living.
  • Javert: I didn't recognize you....without the handcuffs.

More on this verse here!

Tw: mention of past child abuse, and the consequences of that. I hope I didn’t handle it too badly.

"You’re sweet," Eponine says, and it sounds both mean and envious. 

All Cosette can think about is the same voice, a little bit higher, and little bit crueler, whispering: "you’re ugly, so ugly, no wonder they don’t love you" and she wishes she could fight the helpless shivering that is making her body useless. Instead, she glances at Eponine and raises her chin proudly.

 ”I am,” she says. “I think it’s a good thing.”

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as much as i like enjolras trying to carefully navigate his way through ~feelins~ i also feel like he’d realise how he felt about grantaire and call him like ‘we have to talk. yes, right now. i would rather not wait until the morning, actually. get up.’

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Guinevere Appreciation Week

Day 3: Favourite Outfits


My favorite disney princess is Cosette


My favorite disney princess is Cosette


  • offers other person the second twix at a bus stop au
  • share an umbrella in a hail storm au
  • car broke down at same shitty restaurant in the middle of nowhere au
  • 'why does my shitty neighbour keeps using my wifi' 'then you shouldntve made the password a dumb lord of the rings reference' au
  • lost cat au
  • tech support au
  • only ones at demonstration au


Literally miserable lesbians
Aftermath of this kinda

Anonymous asked:
"regular runners on the same route AU, e/R"


exR | modern AU, running

Grantaire’s shoelace has been undone for the last eight minutes and he is going to fucking trip to his death any second now, but he can’t tie it right now.

He can’t stop to tie his shoelace up right now, because he’s nearing the bridge, the one he crosses every day at the same time. After the bridge, he turns onto the pathway parallel to the canal. It’s a peaceful route, and even on the hottest of days, the weeping willows provide some relief. Also, it’s where he sees Hot Blond Guy every day.

Grantaire doesn’t know what Hot Blond Guy’s name is, but they’re usually running down that stretch of pathway at the same time. Grantaire could set his watch by that guy. He wears tiny little biking shorts and a comparatively large t-shirt that sometimes makes him look like he’s not wearing shorts at all, and he wears a fabric headband to keep his longish hair out of his face as he runs.

Most of the time, they exchange companionable nods, and then carry on. But when it had moved into summer, and Grantaire switched from loose t-shirts to tank tops, Hot Blond Guy had done a double take at his biceps, gleaming from a thin cover of sweat. Grantaire never wore t-shirts again.

Also, that was when Grantaire started to plan. He’s wearing his oldest, tightest pair of shorts today, and he’s three minutes early just to make sure he’s the first one down that path. His shoelace is still flopping precariously each time his foot hits the ground.

Grantaire grins to himself as he hears the tell-tale footsteps of Hot Blond Guy as he emerges from under the bridge, and Grantaire – stops. He bends over and sticks his arse in the air as he ties his shoelace up very slowly.

Hot Blond Guy makes a bit of a muffled noise as he promptly runs into a tree.

“Holy shit,” says Grantaire, “are you alright?!” He jogs over to where Hot Blond Guy is clutching the tree and glaring at it.

“I’m fine,” he mutters, not making eye contact with Grantaire and instead blushing all over.

Grantaire bites his lip, and goes for it. “Yes, you are.”


do i need an explaination


do i need an explaination